Aubuchon Hardware Closes Its Northbridge Store

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Aubuchon Hardware on Church Street closed its doors Monday after 70 years.
Aubuchon Hardware on Church Street closed its doors Monday after 70 years. Photo Credit: Deborah Gauthier

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. - Aubuchon Hardware, a Church Street fixture in Whitinsville for 70 years, unexpectedly closed its doors to customers on Monday.

A source said employees were walked out of the store on Monday morning and the locks were changed.

Employees were there this morning, but would not talk to reporters. Inventory was being moved from the store into trucks.

Signs on store doors and windows say: "With much regret, we announce the closing of this store location. For the past 70 years, it has been our pleasure to serve the hardware needs of the town of Whitinsville and its surrounding towns."

The sign said stores in Webster and Southbridge will remain open.

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Comments (13)


Its too bad, however this is a perfect oppurtunity for a nice bar & grill to open up. This town SO DESPERATELY needs a new restaurant/bar. I cannot belive this has not been done yet? We have the population & the demand.
If I wasn't satisfield with my current job I would pursue the oppurtunity.
There is also the Friendly's building & space @ the Whitin mill that could host a new restaurant/bar.

This is very sad and very short sighted by Aubuchons. People are going back to a village way of life; not the other way around. I kind of doubt Walmart has anything to do with it. Koopman's was more of a competitor than Walmart. However, I remember when Northbridge supported two Aubuchons and Koopman Lumber.

I will miss the personal service and the most stuff you could cram into a little space that you will ever find. Anyone want to open a hardware store?

Good luck to the employees!

I would think Home Depot and Lowes probably contribute more to the downfall of local hardware stores. The big box strategy bugs me because once they lure away the local customers with low prices, the local places go under... then there's no competetion, and the big box can jack the prices up again.
They can also weaken downtowns and promote monotony.

It is always sad to see local places go. Hopefully some new business will move in quickly...Good luck to the employees.

Very upsetting. I considered those poeple friends. I shopped there all the time, even if it cost a little more. They had everything and always knew how to help you. Boycott Wal-Mart!

Would Super Walmart have anything to do with this? sad

This is really sad. I was just there this past week getting a quart of stain. They always had what I needed, when I needed it and everyone was so kind, knowledgable and helpful. Now they have been set adrift, and it's shameful. I blame myself, because I should have frequented their business more's hard for little businesses and we should shop local. We should be more supportive, because this is the result.

To all the employees, thank you so much for always being there for the customers. Your level of service harkened back to an earlier time, where the employees of an establishment knew you by name and asked how your family was your holiday was....when having pride in one's work and making every customer feel they were "part of the family" meant something.

It meant something to me and a piece of our community died the day Aubuchon closed their doors and herded the employees --- our neighbors and friends -- out the door like they were nothing.


Rowanshire, I agree that we should be shopping more locally. I also agree with Ken Couture that the "new" Streetscape discourages people from stopping at local stores. One of the real bad moves was to do away with diagonal parking and expecting people to park in the back of buildings. Has anyone seen the parking in back of some of the buildings? Or trying to enter them from the back? I will admit the parking in back of the Baker Building is more accomodating, but it is on the other end of Church street. This is prohibitive for anyone with mobility problems. Perhaps I pass by at the wrong times of the day, but I never see a lot of foot traffic. It seems to me that there should be some shop local events (and not just at the holidays) and other means of drawing more people in. How about the Chamber of Commerce doing more in this regard?

It's a shame they have to do it in such a way and just before Christmas. Certainly not thinking of the employees. Hope they all find something real soon.

I to will miss Aubuchons and their nice staff that worked their, I agree they were very helpful.

Some say the Country went back into Recession in June of this year, and Food Stamps, Unemployment Claims, are at their highest level since the Government has been keeping records on their use.

A lot of Pink Slips out there and people's work hour's are also getting cut back also. I agree Familyman it is a bad time just before the Holidays. Lets remember the Salvation Army Bell Ringer's and Toys for Tots, and other Charity's for those that can afford it this year.

The Daily Voice is excellent in publishing Good Will and Charity Groups that help people in the local area also that are in need.

This is so sad. Aubucon has been my go to store my whole adult life. There was great support, the staff knew their products and could advise what to use and could locate the product in seconds.

This puts some local folks out of work at a bad time- very unfortunate.