Grafton/Upton Camp Fire Kids Donate Food To Pantry

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Members of the Fire Crackers, a Camp Fire group hosted at Touchstone School, who recently delivered truck filled with food to the Veterans Inc. food pantry. Photo Credit: Contributed

UPTON, Mass. -- Camp Fire Kids, composed of Blackstone Valley children ages 5 to 7, are showing their love for Valentine's Day by filling a truck with food for the Veterans Inc. pantry in Worcester.

Photo Album Camp Fire Kids Donate Food To Pantry

The children were participating in the annual Valentine's for Veterans for Camp Fire USA and found out that the pantry was 50 percent understocked, said leader Cole Ethier.

"Our goal was a truck full. We raised well over 10,000 lbs of food which was delivered Friday morning ahead of the blizzard of 2013. The kids were so excited we had a truck filled to the very top,'' Ethier said.

The children also delivered 900 pies with another delivery planned on Wednesday.

The food pantry services many families in Worcester County and the goal was to make the Valentine's Day food pantry as full as possible.

"The kids were so excited to see a human chain to get all of the great food into the building,'' Ethier said.

The campfire troop is hosted at Touchstone school on the Grafton/Upton border and consists of six children, boys and girls. "The kids are nature lovers and call themselves the Fire Crackers," Ethier said.

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