Level 3 sex offender Sease re-registers with Grafton Police Department

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GRAFTON, Mass. - Grafton Police are notifying residents that a Level 3 sex offender, Richard P. Sease, has moved back to town after a stint in prison.

Sease, 43, lives at 2 Linda Circuit/Linda Circle. His Level 3 status stems from a conviction for assault and battery on a person aged 14 or older and assault with intent to commit rape.

Police Chief Normand Crepeau Jr. said Sease was recently released from MCI-Concord and registered with the town as a condition of his parole. Sease had previously lived in Grafton and has been listed as a Level 3 offender here before.

A Level 3 offender is considered a high risk to re-offend, requiring active community notification.

Under state law, those convicted of a sex offense are classified by the state's Sex Offender Registry Board in three categories. Level 1 indicates a very low risk of re-offense. Level 2 indicates a moderate risk, and the names of these offenders are available by request through the local police department and the Sex Offender Registry Board. Level 3 is a high risk to re-offend, and their names are not only made public but their photographs, addresses and offenses are posted in public places -- in Grafton's case, in the Municipal Center, at the Police Department and on the Police Department's website.

The town now has four Level 3 sex offenders listed on the website, including Sease. Brian Addeo, 32, of 120 Milford Road, is now back in prison after he cut off his GPS tracking bracelet and fled to Maine. Grafton Police last week cited Addeo for failure to register his change of address with the police department.

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