N. Grafton Church Collecting Clothes For Epilepsy Group

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The North Grafton United Methodist Church is collecting clothing for the Epilepsy Foundation.
The North Grafton United Methodist Church is collecting clothing for the Epilepsy Foundation. Photo Credit: file photo

GRAFTON, Mass. ‒ The North Grafton United Methodist Church will be collecting clothing for the Epilepsy Foundation during the Lenten season.

Do your spring cleaning early and clean out your closets. It is for a good cause and the church wants to donate as much as possible.

Leave donations at the church, 10 Overlook St., North Grafton, or call the parsonage at 508-839-4039 to arrange for a pickup from your house.

Pick out clothes that are still in good condition and set them aside for a donation. 

Call the parsonage and leave your name and number so that we can arrange for your donation to be brought to the church.

Also, feel free to contact the secretary for pickup or church dropoff questions at 508-839-3950 (home)
or 774-287-8424 (cell).

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