Where In Grafton Is Smiley?

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Where in Grafton is Smiley -- and were the shot glasses the reason for his police station visit last week? Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

GRAFTON, Mass. – Why is this ball smiling – and, more importantly, where?

Smiley, The Grafton Daily Voice's traveling Happy Face ball, has been exploring Grafton. This week, Smiley is hanging out with an opinionated crowd.

Smiley lives in editor Jennifer Lord Paluzzi's camera bag, so you never know where he'll turn up in Grafton. Email suggestions to jpaluzzi@dailyvoice.com.

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Comments (6)


In retrospect, I should have run this one last week and the arrest this week. :-)


What we really want to know.... will Smiley be in Federal Court next Friday?


Cameras are not allowed in federal court. I can't imagine they look fondly on Happy Face balls, either.


DEF, Smiley is on the Geezer's set... Been told that he doesn't have hands, so he can't put a lampshade on his head when partying, but he certainly IS capable of climbing into his shot-glass...:-) BTW, I love this emoticom, it looks JUST like him...


This can't wait until Monday.......( ) loves Smiley TOO!!!


Smiley's hangin with the Geezers down at GCTV....that could be why he was visiting GPD last week! Just remember...if you call in to ask the Geezers a question, they'll give you an answer. It may not be the correct one, but you'll get one! Thurs nights at 8 p.m. (reruns every other Thurs night)
How's that for a plug for the show guys???
Have a good Christmas and New Year!

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