Where In Grafton Is Smiley?

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Where in Grafton is Smiley?
Where in Grafton is Smiley? Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

GRAFTON, Mass. – Why is this ball smiling – and, more importantly, where?

Smiley, The Grafton Daily Voice's traveling Happy Face ball, has been exploring Grafton. This week, Smiley is digging some dirt.

Smiley lives in editor Jennifer Lord Paluzzi's camera bag, so you never know where he'll turn up in Grafton. Email suggestions to jpaluzzi@dailyvoice.com.

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Comments (3)

I agree with Voice of Reason... Very comfortably sitting on the plow. What Smiley might not realize, even though he has probably "rolled" by this location a zillion times is that just to his right is a windowless 2-story brick wall. Been told that this is an old bank vault, complete with a metal spiral stair-case inside. When Smiley rolls-in to visit the Historical Society on Sunday, he can see the bricked-up entrance to this...:-)

Outside of the Grafton Historical Society.