Grafton And Upton Report Gas Shortages

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Gas supplies were tight as stations reported limited or no fuel. This Shell station in Grafton had only diesel and premium grade fuel. Photo Credit: Richard Price

GRAFTON, Mass. – Gasoline shortages were reported Friday afternoon at service stations in Grafton and parts of Upton as residents topped their tanks in anticipation of a blizzard the National Weather Service has called potentially "historic." 

At the Cumberland Farms on Upton Street near the Common, an attendant said the tanks went dry on Thursday and it was not known when a delivery would come.

The Prime Energy station on Main Street, Upton, closed around 1 p.m. when the last of the 10,000 gallon supply was pumped. The attendant said he hoped his next delivery would be on Sunday. 

The BP station on the opposite corner was open and still had supplies.

Michael Awde, owner of Mike's Mobil on Worcester Street, Grafton, received an afternoon delivery after being closed for a short while. "We got the last delivery out of the terminal," he said. "We will stay open until 5 or 6 p.m., then reopen on Saturday as soon as we can."

The Shell station down the road had a limited supply and long lines. An attendant said they had only premium and diesel fuel and did not expect a delivery until after the storm. 

Motorists who plan to fill up must do so by 4 p.m., when  Gov. Deval Patrick has ordered a state of emergency and statewide travel ban. 

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Comments (3)


Yeah, and I filled up yesterday noontime CFs in Leicester and paid FIFTEEN CENTS LESS a gallon than they were charging in Grafton. Glad I was smart enough to fill up then.
Of course there's no price gouging going on, is there???

EC Man:

Ah, but the real truth is that people like this compulsive topper filled his tank for fear of a multiple day power outage, which is a real issue with this having gas in the car may be the only way to keep the kids warm and the devices charged in the days to follow...


People are compulsive. But the truth is; you don't drive when it snows heavy, so filling up your gas tank is, lipstick.

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