Grafton Suburban Credit Union Gives $2,000 To Charities

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The Grafton Suburban Credit Union donated $2,000 to charities.
The Grafton Suburban Credit Union donated $2,000 to charities. Photo Credit: Richard Price file photo

GRAFTON, Mass.- The Grafton Suburban Credit Union donated $1,000 each to the high school football team and Community Harvest Project. 

The football team has an $11,000 goal so the Super Bowl champions, who last won in 1986, can have a banquet celebration, which is scheduled in March.

"The town was so proud of the football team’s Super Bowl victory, we knew that we should help them to celebrate,” said the credit union's president and CEO, Ed Lopes, in a press release. 

The donation did not go unnoticed. "As a team and also an alumnus of Grafton High School, we appreciate the support of the community, and the generous donation from the Grafton Suburban Credit Union," said Grafton High Football Head Coach Mike Ross.

Community Harvest, the North Grafton farm that donates all its crops to the Worcester County Food Bank, also received $1,000. 

“Community Harvest Project makes a significant and growing impact on feeding the hungry," Lopes said. "Grafton Suburban is glad to do some small part to help". 

Kristin Bafaro, executive director of the charity expressed appreciation for the longstanding relationship with the credit union.

“Grafton Suburban Credit Union has been a wonderful community partner. They have provided financial support, sponsored our Harvest Home event the past six years, and members of the GSCU team have volunteered countless hours to help our organization in a variety of capacities,” she said. 

Since its inception in 1966, the credit union has contributed to numerous local, regional, civic, and nonprofit organizations and continues to designate special days for member appreciation and community-minded charitable giveback.

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Last year more than 9000 volunteers came to the Community Harvest Project farms resulting in a record crop and the largest donation of fresh produce in the history of the Worcester County Food Bank. The generous financial support from GSCU is critical and much appreciated because we give everything away but the hundreds of hours that their employees volunteered really reflects the alignment of the Credit Union's mission with ours. Thank you!