Grafton Takes A 2013 Head Count With Town Census

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Grafton is in the midst of the 2013 town census.
Grafton is in the midst of the 2013 town census. Photo Credit: File photo

GRAFTON, Mass. -- Grafton has mailed out its 2013 town census forms and filling it out will affect the town's state and federal aid, Town Clerk Maureen Clark said.

"The information from this census report provides proof of residency, street listings, the school report, jury information, veterans’ bonuses, housing for the elderly and related benefits," Clark said. "The population figure has a bearing on the state and federal aid Grafton will receive."

Residents are asked to review their information on the form and make any changes and additions necessary before returning it to the town clerk's office by mail, in person or by inserting it in the gold mailbox at the front of the Municipal Center.

If someone has moved, Clark asked that the person's new address be provided if available. Nursing home patients, students and those on active military duty who would normally reside at the residence should be listed on the firm.

Completing a census form does not automatically register anyone to vote but not filling it out could result in removal from the town voter rolls. To register to vote, visit the town clerk's office Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Tuesday evenings through 7 p.m.

Dog licenses expire on March 31. Applications for dog licenses are printed on the back of the census form. Residents should complete the form, include the fee, current rabies vaccination certificate and a self-addressed envelope and the clerk’s office will mail the license.

Those who did not receive a census form may contact the town clerk's office at 508-839-5335 ext. 195 or email

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