Grafton Town Clerk Will Retire After 32 Years

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Maureen Clark, Grafton's Town  Clerk for 32 years, will retire January 31.
Maureen Clark, Grafton's Town Clerk for 32 years, will retire January 31. Photo Credit: Jennifer Paluzzi (file photo)

GRAFTON, Mass. -- Maureen A. Clark, Grafton's Town Clerk for 32 years, will retire at the end of January.

A familiar face at every town and presidential election since Jimmy Carter ran (and lost) to Ronald Reagan in 1980, Clark has always been the "go to person" to make sure each election went smoothly.

It has been a seat she has firmly held over the entire time. She has run for re-election 10 times and has never been opposed. 

But whomever fills her seat, which expires in May 2013, is unknown.  Donna Girouard, the assistant town clerk, is the likely candidate, but it is up to the Board of Selectmen to decide, based on any possible recommendations made by Timothy McInerney, the Town Administrator. 

Neither McInerney nor David Ross, the chairman of the Board of Selectmen, were available to comment.

"I will file a letter announcing my retirement for next Tuesday's selectmen meeting," Clark said.  "Whoever takes over would have to run for reelection in May."

Clark, a Grafton resident, is married to Donald E. Clark, the editor and publisher of the Grafton News. 

Clark also founded the Grafton Food Bank in 1985, which has played a significant role over the years in feeding residents who live at or below the poverty line.  She said she plans to continue donating her time there in retirement. 

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Comments (4)

We will miss you dearly. Thanks for all the hard work but most of all thanks for caring so much about this town and all the things you've done and the people you've helped through so many efforts including the Grafton Food Bank. You're leaving some big shoes to fill!


It has been my pleasure working with you. Your sense of calm is something that will be dearly missed at Town Meeting. Good luck in your retirement, you have earned it.

I think I read once, that Maureen has the second most long term service as a town clerk in all of Massachusetts. Wow, that's dedicated service and stability. Good luck and congratulations.

Congratulations Maureen and thank you for your service.