Grafton Water District Seeks New Commissioner

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The Grafton Water District is seeking a new commissioner. Photo Credit: file photo

GRAFTON, Mass.--The Grafton Water District is seeking a new commissioner and is accepting applications.

The current commissioner, Robert Sims, has had the position since 1995 but will resign by Dec. 11 when he moves out of town. 

"One of the stipulations of the position is a requirement to live in the district," said Matthew Pearson, system manager of the Grafton Water District. 

Anyone interested in fulfilling the remaining term of Sim's appointment, which expires in April 2015, should submit a cover letter and a resume or professional experience description. 

The commissioner receives a yearly stipend of $1,000 and meets at 5:30 p.m.  the second Tuesday of the month at the Water District office, 44 Millbury St., Grafton. Attendance at other meetings, civic events and the annual district meeting in April also are required.

Please mail requests to: Grafton Water District, P.O. Box 537, Grafton, MA 01519.

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Comments (4)


How nice, the lamp chooses this as an opportunity to offer some positivity .... but alack and alas it's attached to... a cranky cromudgeonly agenda driven snark! Thanks, looking forward to more.


Your right here. My letter is very poorly written. My second object needs some clarification.


Your right here. My letter is very poorly written. My second sentence is poorly framed. I have revised it, so that it reads as I intended it to read.
My apologies to the GWD.


I only wish our town could be as seamless and efficient as our G.W.D.
Their service always has a forward approach, where future needs are anticipated and managed. Unlike our town government that lets things fall into disrepair and then goes to the public with their hand out looking for maintenance money.

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