How Well Was Snow Removed In Grafton?

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Snowbanks are high all around Grafton.
Snowbanks are high all around Grafton. Photo Credit: Sally Burke

GRAFTON, Mass. -- A small army of plow drivers took to the streets Friday and worked throughout the weekend to keep the roads in Grafton clear.

In the aftermath of the snowstorm, which dropped 2 feet on the region, roads remain narrow on many streets and some towns, including Northbridge, Grafton and Upton, have called off school to allow more time to clear the streets.

How are the roads where you live? What do you think of the snow clearing job in your town? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • 43

Comments (43)

to taxpayerhd. maybe if it was your driveway that got plowed in from the town plows that widened sunrise ave. you would not be so quick to praise them. Try coming home at 6 to see what took you all weekend to clean all filled back in. Not so funny eh.

We are only doing our jobs just like you going to work everyday.

First, when you plow with a pickup, you can only push so much snow. Until yesterday, Feb. 12th, I rated it questionable at best. However how I rated that went down when the chose to send two frontend loaders, a ten wheel dumptruck, and two small trucks into my neighborhood to widen the streets. After the loaders pushed it back onto the sidewalks, the 10 wheeler drove around and around. the small trucks trailed by cleaning out some driveways while leaving others still blocked with new 3 ft high snow banks. I'm sure the single woman you left plowed under really felt appreciated when she came home and found her driveway blocked while her neighbor' had been cleared by the town trucks. And the guy acroos from wondered why only some were cleaned, others not???

Are you talking about the Sunrise Ave. area also? I didn't see the trucks in action but witnessed the aftermath and saw a woman who had to leave her car in the street because of the 3 ft. heavy wet snowbanks. Earlier this season they widened the roads after a storm but they pushed the snow up they had gotten in the driveway. I don't understand why they didn't do the same this time, especially when they pushed so much heavy wet snow in the driveways and they had the equipment/manpower to do it. I know plows are going to come by after you are all shoveled out but this was a bit ridiculous.

Well after reading all these responses if a little snow on the roads is a big deal maybe some of you people should consider moving to Westboro or Shrewsbury or consider selling your little Prius type cars...sorry if I mispelled I surely dont pay much attention to them....

It is new england and we live in the country here in Grafton...the DPW did a great job. We cant control what mother nature deals our way so just deal with the snow, the snowy roads and spring will be here soon so in the meantime slow down and drive reasonable and walk and proceed with caution and stop crying about winter...

big difference in small town plowing grafton rank well below shrewsbury and westboro. has been going downhill the last few years. just lucky we have not gotten much snow the last couple of years. lots of waste and little accountability. love the small town country club work environment.

Before 6:00 AM there was a large piece of equipment widening the corners. Have these people slept? I do not accept the characterization that surrounding Towns did a better job on their streets. Grafton once again demonstrated that we are a Super Bowl organization. Thank you one and all.

Of course, what you may or may not accept has nothing to do with other peoples observations. In fact, its rather difficult to dispute what someone else states they observed. And my read of the notes is simply other people reporting their observations.

I appreciate your passionate support of our DPW - I concur that these folks deserve all that support and more. However, all the cheerleading in the world does not do anything to improve an organization.

I think it should be possible for people to post critical comments in this thread without those comments being seen as an attack on the meen and women of our DPW or the folks contracted to plow the roads.

The fact of the matter is, ANY organization can be full of dedicated, hard working, competent people doing the absolute best job possible, but the organization as a whole comes up short becuase of poor planning/leadership/funding/equipment/etc.

If neighboring towns seem to do a better job with snow removal, that doesn't mean the men and women of our DPW are doing a bad job.

I plow for the town of grafton and i think we did a great job seeing how much snow we actually got. :)


My end of the small-numbered section of Westboro Road was VERY well done by about 10:30am following the storm. A great big truck get going up & down to clear the street & the little truck did an admirable job of clean-up/.trim. Kudo's to the crews!

The only thing it will take to have the same quality roads is money. So everyone anti up for a tax increase to hire more people, and buy newer better equpiment. Check out the tax rates in those other towns. Or settle down and realize that it is only snow and will eventually melt, it always does.

Not trying to be mean towards the town guys you guys did a great job. But I have not seen 1 truck come up our down my st today. I thought the reasoning of canceling school is the streets weren't wide enough. I know how hard it is my father does work for the state he put in 40hrs then got sent home to sleep then got called back out. Then doing snow removel.How about our corners be fixed like other towns before these other storms come in, and rds widen. 2 yrs ago my kids almost got hit waiting in my driveway cause cause the road was like this and the car swung in the driveway to let a car by and my kids were there waiting for bus

There are just not enough resources for those doing the work. I can imagine how frustrating it is for the plow operators to work so hard and still be knocked for the job they are doing. It's not their fault there are not enough trucks and drivers to get the job done as well as our neighbors do. I've been there at my own job. The worker bees do their best with fewer resources than they need, so things can't be done top-notch. They have to decide what's most important and leave other stuff until later, if at all. Someone needs to decide if it's worth investing in more resources up front to get the job done more efficiently.

found all the equipment today (tuesday) 2 loaders 1 large dump truck and 4 pick up trucks all in a parade. 1 loader working and 1 pick up truck cleaning up. the rest watching.

Sammy you are the voice of reason. By the way, has anyone beside us read the capital budget requirements for the DPW. These folks have been doing exceptional work with smoke and mirrors for years and still must put their lunch in the same fridge where infected birds are kept awaiting analysis. Or, how about avoiding the bare wires in the rest room while they use the "facilities". I guess it's OK for them - I mean they are just DPW workers.

Is someone preventing the DPW guys from using any of the fire stations? Or the police station? If so, why? The firemen do not own the fire stations, the Town does. The police do not own the police station, the Town does. So, if any town employee needs to use those buildings, they should be allowed to use them when needed.

FYI, the police AND fire stations have opened their rest room stalls for our DPW workers.

Irishjimgal- obviously you are frustrated. No one is bashing the DPW workers. If there is a lack of resources - most townspeople are likely unaware of the specifics. How much money is grafton allotting per mile of road compared to other towns? How old is the equipment, do we have enough trucks? For the average tax payer, reading the budget wouldn't put things into proper perspective. It's obvious from outside appearances that the building is past it's useful life but pointing out specifics is much more helpful in getting the word out versus accusing townspeople of not caring. That coupled with our observations that the roads aren't as clear as they could be will hopefully bring about change.

I would NEVER say folks don't care. This is a passionate Town - people care. My point was there is much work to be done and they are doing their best. It is disheatening to see spot accusations. Calls to the TA's Office about citizen concerns are addressed. All I ask is when you see a very tired truck driver you waive at him or her with ALL your fingers.

I think they did a pretty good job by Saturday at 5pm... Lots of blacktop could be seen on the primaries. As far as secondary roads, they were still a bit rough even yesterday.. but the roads are in such poor condition I believe it becomes a lesser of two evils.. Either clear the remaining snow and chance wrecking the equipment on the massive potholes or let it melt out and not dig up anymore of the awful patchwork that was done instead of paving the whole road.

My understanding is that 122 and 140, being State highways, get treated by State-hired crews, not Grafton crews. Those state roads looked very clear, even on Saturday night.

But it is curious how Shrewsbury and Westboro had clearer town roads. Perhaps our DPW and BoS could ask these towns for their Best Practices. Also, are we still using the crews from Fitchburg? The ones hired under Toma's management? Or have we moved back to using local contractors?

The big issue now is the is a challenge to see around those massive piles without poking your car all the way out into the oncoming traffic.

My only complaint is that the snow plow guy insists on piling up the snow very, very close to the nearby fire hydrant,which makes is a significant adventure to dig it out. There are other directions to push this snow, but he insists on covering the hydrant. oh well.

Great job with initial hit but saw very little yesterday. Had whole day to push back secondary roads and I never saw a plow.

FYI - they were clearing the schools and some of them even slept!

That explains it--sleeping on the job doesn't help. (just kidding) lighten up!

High praise for the crew at the DPW. They have been working around the clock. Let us not lose sight (no pun intended) that we saw over two feet of snow. First priority is to make the streets passable for emergency vehicles - after that is done there is a lengthy list which includes widening roads, clearing school areas, plowing sidewalks, treating road surfaces, clearing intersections, providing safe bus stops, and easing sight paths. Let's add to the mix - we are getting freezing rain which means trucks that were plowing must begin sanding. Our DPW has their finger on the pulse of this community and is working around the clock to make our Town safe. Finally, these men and women need a couple of hours of sleep here and there. I'm proud of them and their dedication to us all.

Nearby towns were dealing with the same storm and were better able to clear roads & sidewalks. As a result their kids had school today. A review needs to take place on how we can better clear our streets. Each storm I've noticed that surrounding towns' roads are down to bare pavement while Grafton's are snowy and narrow. There is always room for improvement

They tried.

But they still don't have the neighborhood roads open 2 lanes. We have only 1 1/2 lanes open and school busses will take that much. You don't want to meet large dump trucks and oil trucks on a curve on our windy roads with all this snow..

Shrewsbury streets were noticably clearer that Grafton - noticable at the town line.

Why couldn't Grafton have school? After yesterday's melt, the roads were in decent shape.

Our sidewalk and bus stop are under a 15 ft. Snow bank. I think the plows did the best they could but could use more common sence when it comes to corners and sidewalks. The guys watched us snow blowing the sidewalk and bus stop and came back 30 min. Later and pushed all the snow in the intersection into the sidewalk. We'll see it in April now. Now kids are walking in the street.

We had to have our plow guy do our mail box,it went in about a good 6 ft off the side of the rd.

Driving into Westboro on Old Westboro Road on Saturday night really answers this question. The road in Grafton was still covered with snow. Once we hit Westboro it was clear and total black top. This is why they had school today and we didn't. I appreciate everyone plowing around the clock to get the streets clean, but the roads need to be taken care of better than they were.

How much more taxes are you willing to pay for the extra plow trucks?

How much does it cost the school to have a snow day?

The cost of finding child care for those parents who work.

This is consistently true every storm. Westboro roads are markedly better treated and cleared than Grafton roads. You can actually see a clear difference at town lines.

I agree with both of Zuri's comments and LDR. Compared to Westboro and Shrewsbury our roads are plowed narrower and not down to payment. Watched trucks go around late Saturday, yesterday and today and plowed the same edges NO effort to widen the streets. As to more taxes we paid for trucks to ride around in circles after the snow stopped on OT with no effort to widen the streets. So I don't want to hear about taxes. We paid already and many of the contractors put in paid hours with no snow pushing!

Not a bad job... But I live on Barbara jean st and there is about 4 ft of missing road after today it will be very hard to be cleaned. At least we cleaned out near our mailboxes but the street is a very small two way. Grist mill is a tight fit too. Pleasant street looks good just be careful at some parts. Other than that great job Grafton plowers I'm sure it was a long few days!

Not a bad job... But I live on Barbara jean st and there is about 4 ft of missing road after today it will be very hard to be cleaned. At least we cleaned out near our mailboxes but the street is a very small two way. Grist mill is a tight fit too. Pleasant street looks good just be careful at some parts. Other than that great job Grafton plowers I'm sure it was a long few days!

I thought they were doing a excellent job. But our road is so narrow and the banks we cant see anything.If it was a little better and wasn't a pickup pushing our street you can get it wider. These kids need to go to school .

I did some plowing on my own properties and especially while it was snowing this was no easy task. I think the town did a very good job.

Not sure about Grafton, but I was surprised I didn't see any plows on the highways on Sunday. There are a lot of entrance ramps and exit ramps that need widening.

It is not so much as how well, but how much equipment and used. I hope all these people were out cleaning the road making overtime, and working the most hours.
My small dead end street, off a main road was cleared by a contractor in a large pick up truck on Friday night. Same truck cleared each clearing.
The main road was cleared by Grafton Public Works congo line of 2 pick up trucks and then the dump truck.
There was no activity on Saturday during the day, or Saturday night. Sunday afternoon around 3:30 came the front 2 front end loaders with plows, 2 pick up trucks, and 1 dump truck pushing back the snow till I could see the shoulder line. Sunday evening this crew widened my street, forcing me to snow blow out my drive way, again.