Letter: Plea For Grafton Child With Brain Tumor

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A Grafton family is hosting a fund-raiser to help their child with inoperable brain cancer.
A Grafton family is hosting a fund-raiser to help their child with inoperable brain cancer. Photo Credit: courtesy of Kai's Village

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To the editor:

We’re writing to seek help in supporting a very special 2-year-old boy in our community.

In June 2011, Kai Rezendes, of Grafton, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Since then, Kai’s mom, Kerri, has blogged about their journey (www.kaisfightclub.org), sharing the highs and lows of Kai’s fight. From coping with a failed chemotherapy protocol and her baby’s vision loss to celebrating birthdays and simple moments, Kerri has shown incredible, inspiring strength.

Recently, Kai has taken a turn for the worse. In response, his community has rallied behind him and his family. What started as a community-based effort to provide the family with some comfort items, snacks, and money for parking fees during their stay at Children’s Hospital has grown into so much more. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and love our community has shown. Kai’s story has touched so many—from those closest to him to those who have never met him.

In just a few short weeks, we have formalized our grassroots efforts to establish a group recognized by the IRS. Inspired by the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” Kai’s Village aims to do just that. While Kai will not get the opportunity to be “raised” in the traditional sense, it is our job, as his village, to raise him up—now and in the days, months, and years to come.

On Dec. 8, 2012, we will be holding a craft fair to raise money to continue to support Kai and his family during this most difficult time. The proceeds from the fair will go toward meeting the family’s needs, including meals, a freezer to store them, medical bills, and a memorial. A portion of the funds raised will also go to the Jimmy Fund for pediatric-cancer research. We plan to hold a raffle-style drawing at the event, and we are seeking donations to assist us with this effort.

We’d like to invite you to consider making a contribution of goods or services. Thank you in advance for supporting this amazing family; we hope you’ll join us as a member of Kai’s Village.

Andrea Crosby Merrill

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I just came to know about this blog through Grafton Daily Voice. Very sorry to hear about Kai's condition.
We keep 'Kai Rezendes' and your family in our prayers, wish there is a miracle for him. This 2 year old boy did not do any wrong to face it. I can feel your pain what you have been going through as his parents, since my family was in similar situation when my son was diagnozed for cancer couple of years ago.

Rao Kandukuri & Family