Letter: Thank You Grafton, From Operation Friendship

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Operation Friendship (OF) held its annual Ski Swap on Saturday, Nov. 24 and, thanks to the community of Grafton, it was a great success. Each year the OF delegates and their families work hard in preparing for this event, the funds from which support foreign exchange travel for American and European students.

The annual Ski Swap is one of our largest fund raisers made possible by the support of the Congregational Church of Grafton and its members who allow us the use of their church building for this event and for our monthly meetings. Local businesses, like Pepperoni Express and Perrault’s, along with the Apple family who allow us the use of their property to advertise our signs all contribute greatly to this well attended Ski Swap.  The Town of Grafton is also very generous in allowing signage to be placed near The Common and in making the sign permitting process very easy. The Grafton News and The Daily Voice also support us consistently by placing our announcements in their publications. To each of them and everyone who helped us, OF extends a hearty message of thanks!

This summer Operation Friendship of Grafton, our nation’s largest chapter, will host nearly twenty students from Europe and offer them a rich experience of American culture through events which highlight our country’s business, community, governmental, religious and social environment.  Our delegates will make life-long friends with the European delegates and each will get to know persons from a new part of the world all the while learning about themselves and the world in which they live.  Next summer our delegates will travel abroad and experience cultures from multiple foreign countries.  All this is done through the financial and community support provided by fundraisers like the annual Ski Swap.

OF is very grateful for the sustained support from the Grafton Community!

Budd Ryer and Keila Haskins

Co – Chairs, Operation Friendship

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