Fight At Grafton Stop & Shop Leads To Police Search

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Grafton Police are investigating a fight between two teens, sending one to the hospital.
Grafton Police are investigating a fight between two teens, sending one to the hospital. Photo Credit: file photo

GRAFTON, Mass. —Two Grafton teenagers had a fight Friday afternoon near Stop & Shop over an unpaid debt, sending one of the boys to the hospital with a broken nose, police said.

The fight, which brought police attention and a search in the woods behind the store, happened around 3:30 p.m., in a corner parking lot next to the store. According to witnesses, one boy was looking for repayment of a loan. 

Several police cruisers, as well as an ambulance arrived soon afterwards. The victim was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Grafton Police Chief Normand A. Crepeau, Jr. confirmed there was an “altercation between two minors” and said police are investigating the circumstances surrounding it.

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Comments (3)

youth center won't solve anything...unfortunately

Fights happen... although running away won't do you any good.. I'm sure there were about 25-30 other kids willing to drop the name of the guy who ran. Police probably beat him to his house.

Some of them probably work at the S&S, and figure they won't be hassled by the police for loitering. I don't think a "Youth Club" would be the answer... You're not going to stop every fight, and a lot of these kids are trying to get away from grown-ups, not spend more time with them.
I've always thought having a youth dance party like they do at the Police station is a good outlet for the kids. But instead of using a dolled gymnasium.. have it at the Grafton, Inn upstairs in the banquet facility or equal... It has more of a "club" feel and doesn't remind anyone of every bad 60's 70's or 80s movie that had school dance's in them. Obviously remove any liquor... Some kids barely have enough money to put gas into their cars, let alone go to a movie which is a 15 minute ride out of town.. or bowling 20 minutes away... When you really look at it.. what does this town honestly offer to children during the evening hours? Liquor stores, Pizza shops, Chinese restaurants, Dunkin Donuts, and a coffee shop across the street that has the oddest hours.. I swear I've vacuumed my car at least a dozen times on the weekends and that place is never open.
Every one of the things that I listed equates to loitering and no energy spent. A recipe for frustration in youths..
Not all is lost though... We have plenty, reiterate plenty! of soccer fields... with more on the way I'm sure! There's also a whole lot of sitting that can be done in the new "green" S. Grafton park.. be sure to do your sitting before dark though... Police will chase you for loitering.

Not surprised about the fight behind Stop and Shop. I recently discovered that this is where a lot of teenagers "hang" out when it's dark. I was at stop and shop around 9:45 a couple of weeks ago and saw 4 cars and 2 SUVs full of kids go round the back and not come back out whilst I was making a phone call that lasted 30 minutes. Why would they hang out there? Drink, drugs and a quick getaway through the woods if the police showed up? Maybe there should be sensor lights and cameras. It is a shame that there is no youth club where they can hang out in a safe environment that is affordable to students