Grafton Man Charged With Unlicensed AK-47 And Other Firearms

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Photo Credit: Grafton Police
A Grafton man was arrested and charged on nine counts of weapons charges.
A Grafton man was arrested and charged on nine counts of weapons charges. Photo Credit: Grafton Police

GRAFTON, Mass - A Grafton man was arrested early Sunday morning after a SWAT team and Grafton Police said they discovered 10 rifles and shotguns plus large amounts of ammunition in the suspect's home.

Steven Woskie, 52, of 77 Follete Street, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, domestic aggravated assault and battery, possession of an assault weapon, three counts of possession of large capacity feeding devices, seven counts of possession of firearms/rifle/shotgun without a license, seven counts of improper storage of firearms/rifle/shotgun, improper storage of a large capacity firearm/rifle, and possession of ammunition without an FID.

Grafton Police said they received the tip from Woskie's son, Jakob, who, they said earlier in the evening, was the victim of an unprovoked attack from his father when he tried to enter the Follete Street house, Grafton Police Chief Normand Crepeau Jr. said in a news release. The suspect first wielded  a bat , dropped it and then hit his son with a claw hammer, police said

Jakob then left the scene with his girlfriend and drove them to an Upton Street address and later transported to UMass Memorial Medical Center for treatment.

According to the report, the police received information about unsecured and possibly stolen, weapons at the Follette Street address. Grafton Police said a records check indicated that Woskie did not have a license to possess weapons or ammunition.

The report also said that a search warrant was obtained and the Central Mass. Law Enforcement Council SWAT unit was brought in. 

At 2:22 a.m. Sunday, the SWAT team entered the home and Grafton Police made the arrest without incident.

A loaded shotgun was found near Woskie's bed, Grafton Police said. The weapons included an AK-47 assault style rifle with three 30-round magazines.

Woskie is being held pending his hearing on Monday at Westborough District Court.

An investigation is under way to determine who owns the weapons. Police said additional charges will be brought if they are stolen. 

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Comments (38)

He's never legally owned guns because he's an ex-felon people. Also suffering from alcoholism. He bought guns in the eighties at yard sales and other illegal owners. He is also an hunter and eats a lot of game. There is no excuse for attacking your child period. My daughter is a mess because of all this...

Good luck using your weapons when Black Water or any other Govcorp agency is at your door. People that love guns are just primitive simple minded folk.

People who make judgements about people or something they know nothing about about as bottom of the barrel as you can get. The vast majority of crimes are not commited by legal guns owners. Most gun owners are as responsible as you can get. Once again Farce_DV_Victim is showing his true colors. Go be a victim someplacelse.

Maybe that's why he didn't have the guns registered.
He figured when Academi or Blackwater Worldwide goes door to door rounding up everybody's firearms they wouldn't know he had any.
He's certainly not the only one.

Re:"Good luck using your weapons when Black Water or any other Govcorp agency is at your door. "

Tell that to the "primitive, simple minded folk" like the Vietnamese, the IRA, the Afghanis, the Somali rebels, etc. etc. etc.! The Syrian govt has also been so successful cleaning up the little insurrection currently occurring in their country too. It ain't pretty but it continues to happen.

So my guess is if we were living in the 18th century and we listened to you we'd still be subjects of the Queen, right?

This is the problem, WE AREN'T LIVING IN THE 18th CENTURY. Why are you picking and choosing what to embrace in the 21st century? Let have witch hunts then. Lets use torches rather than flashlights. Shut down the internet. Bring back slavery.

He may very well have obtained these weapons legaly! I had an FID card for years, Good for life unless revoked. The law changed around 1999 requiring renewal every couple of years with a fee. I quit hunting in Ma. And hunted mosty in VT, NH & ME where no such permit is required so i didn't bother to pay up and renew. Last year I went to apply and although I had a handful of hunting licenses in hand (About 20 years worth) and my past FID card I was still required to go to classes (not a bad thing) and pay more money. All those years without an FID card I had a dozen or so guns in my home. Some purchased and registered at Sporting goods shops, some purchased privately and not registered and some purchased out of state with nothing but a picture ID. Am I a Felon for possesing these guns? NO. It is not illegal to posses firearms in your home! But they need to be secure. Wait to pass judgement till the whole story comes out.

I am ashamed of my century, but I have to smile

Help me understand the issue of how the mentally unstable should not be allowed to own guns. The man used a bat and hammer on his adult son. Does this behavior rise to the level of being mentally ill? Incapable of rational behavior? Does this, therefore, identify someone in need of mental health counseling? Does this also indicate someone who should be prevented from owning guns?

People who suicidal are much more successful with a gun.

RE: " Does this behavior rise to the level of being mentally ill? Incapable of rational behavior?"

At this point we don't know what the son's motivations were when he became an unwelcome trespasser on his father's property. Have any or us with kids ever done anything "irrational" in response to their behavior?

The son " sought medical treatment at an Upton Street address". He didn't go to a doctor or a hospital emergency room? What were his injuries? What's the full story?

Sure the father was wrong for going after the son with a bat and a hammer, IF that's what he did. Depending on what actually transpired it may or may not indicate someone has mental problems. We shouldn't jump to conclusions.

My understanding is that for a mental issue to show up on a NICS background check there needs to be an adjudication of the problem mental status. But Massachusetts doesn't report these instances so it wouldn't show up in a NICS check.

Absent an incident like this it's unlikely a person will be flagged as a mental risk. After an incident like this, it's pretty much certain that any Massachusetts Chief of Police wouldn't issue a gun permit of any kind. Without a permit no one can legally obtain a gun or ammunition in this state.

Key word here is adjudicated. The judge bangs a gavel and says "Your crazy. Off to the Loney Bin for you. Hope you get better soon."

But mental health problems, no matter how serious, no matter how many high power drugs, if it does not get onto the court and found guilty, feel free to enjoy you gun.

With 300,000,000 people in the USA there are bound to be some bad people. No law is going to limit them.

I feel sorry for all the legitimate gun owners, because nuts like Steven Woskie reflect poorly on you. I also feel sorry for "bubbly" for obvious reasons.

"I feel sorry for all the legitimate gun owners, because nuts like Steven Woskie reflect poorly on you."

Is this guy a nut, or is he just an undocumented firearms owner?

"I also feel sorry for "bubbly" for obvious reasons."


As a proponent of our 2nd Amendment rights I'm not going to defend this guy. It appears that he clearly violated the law. But let's also be clear that, as Bubbly has said, in most states his collection would be perfectly legal. In MA , if he is convicted, he is a felon and will spend some considerable time behind bars. A likely scenario is that he was just ignorant of our states stringent gun laws and had no real criminal intent. One thing that's guaranteed is that he will never again get any kind of firearms permit in MA. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in our courts.

"Ignorant of our states stringent gun laws". The onus is on him to know the gun laws-he is a criminal.

What is worse, is that this makes him a rather unique felon, in only a few states can you become a felon the way he has become one. If he gets a felony conviction, that follows him no matter where he goes in the country, with all the negative effects. But that is what this state likes to do. It is why I follow the laws while I live here, and why I will get out of here in a couple of years.

What this story really points out is that you can visit violence upon someone whether or not you own guns, whether they are licensed or not.

In this case, the gun owner chose to use a hammer and baseball bat.

So his son gets even by telling the cops about his father's guns to get him in trouble.

Dad sleeping with a loaded shotgun next to bed also tells you something about the wonderful son, doesn't it?

It tells me that the father raised a son so poorly that he must threaten him with a hammer.
That is a bad parent, who raised smarter son.

I think the comments here are funny as all get out! Especially Miss Jwalkr. In the vast majority of this country, this man would not have committed any crimes concerning those weapons, other than the ones he committed against his son with them. Which were NONE. He did not use those weapons in the commission of a crime. He used a baseball bat and a hammer.

Weird MA and a few other strange, mostly NE states have these incredibly stupid licensing and registration laws that turn people in felons just for owning an object. Notice the story is not really about his assault, but about the GUNS, oh my, he defied the STATE and did not REGISTER them, how dare he do that!

This state is enough to make most American sick to their stomachs.

I cannot imagine anyone, whether they agree with the Second Amendment to the US Constitution or not, would come to the defense of this person. Clearly this man has no regard for the law. If the laws were more stringent than they are now, do you think it would have stopped this man from obtaining his stash of weapons? The fact of the matter, sadly, is that no matter how restrictive we make the laws, criminals will still find a way to obtain the weapons they want. Only law-abiding citizens that are of sound mind will respect the rules.

Thanks for making the case as to why the gun laws are purely stupid.

I have worked at Sport Authority selling guns. I had numerous times when customers would try to buy a gun with cash and no identification.
That's a felony and I am not going to jail for you. We insisted on ID before we would let a customer handle a gun.
I have had adult customers ask about our largest gun. Rather then a Turkey gun, or a deer gun. Only teenager doing reports would ask about the largest gun. They would then ask how to ship to gun off to a Eastern European county. 6 months later civil war breaks out there.
Based upon my personal experience selling guns, barriers prevent gun violence.

If the weapons were not stolen how did an unlicensed person come into possession of such weapons? Who sold them to him should be the ones also to get into hot water.
Unless there was no background checks because it was a private sale.

And all those weapons did not keep out the SWAT team, that is why they come in at 2:20 am.

Looking for our pro-gun friends to come to his defense.

I moved here from the midwest, my guns came with me. Most of the country does NOT register guns, does NOT have licenses. If I had wanted to, I could have sold those guns to a person like this. There are many, many ways that guns move around. This person could easily go to another state to buy rifles, do a private transaction. It is NOT a crime. People in this state have no idea what the laws are elsewhere. They are used to the police state that is Massachusetts.

Technically, if you are able to purchase a gun out of state - different states, different rules - it's mandatory for the MA resident to record a transfer/report firearms to the state - if it's not transfered, it's not legal. Similar to buying any goods in NH, and legally having to inform the state of MA that you didn't pay sales tax, and mailing a check to MA department of revenue ...... and we all do that, right? It's still illegal.

Did I hear someone calling me? Hiya, John. First, I 'm going to have to clarify - I'm a LEGAL pro gun friend. Now, I'll tell you how (I'm guessing, I don't know the guy) Mr. Woskie got his arsenal - he bought them more than 20 years ago, got them from grampa, a buddy left them in a will- maybe when he had a permit to carry, or a plain old FID card - the latter being only for long guns. Believe it or not, there are only 8 true firearms there. I'll describe, left to right:
1)AK-47 - since the AWB expired in every state surrounding us in 2004, he could have bought it in NH with a drivers license - legal, until he brought it across into MA. Magazines (and gun)could be from prior to 1994 - fully legal, pre ban
2) pump shotgun - mossberg/ithaca?
3) black powder rifle - not a 'firearm', no permits needed
4) lever action rifle- prob winchester, .30/.30
5) inline black powder - again, no permit needed - but looks like a real rifle
6) lever action rifle - prob marlin 336, 30/30
7) lever action rifle - prob winchester, .30/30
8) semi-auto .22 - marlin model 60, I'd go so far to say if you never owned one of these, you are unamerican! (j/k)- my first, as a 15 year old, and yes, it was legal LOL!
9) pump shotgun - mossberg 500?
10) bolt action rifle - prob marlin/glenfield .22 fancied up

Now, I'd love for someone - maybe this reporter, to follow this case thru the courts. I think we all agree that something has to be done about this. Even with mandatory sentencing, and MA judges, this guy won't see the inside of a prison - my money is on 5 years suspended sentence, 10 years probation, and never getting a gun permit.

As the laws have changed, FID cards were discontinued and pistol permits were changed to License To Cary (LTC), and anyone that wanted to be legal had to take a 4 to 6 hour class, pay $60 to $100 for the class, fill out paperwork at the police station, pay another $100 for the permit fee, get finger printed, some have to interview with the permit officer/chief, and wait for up to 4 months. How would anyone like to take their driving test again and pay $200 for the privilege to drive the car you already have in your yard? And unless you're a cop, you drive a heck of a lot more than you use a gun - so it's really a recreational thing, for $200.

As I said, I'm for LEGAL guns - and proper storage - that said, none of these guns were used in a crime, other than a brat kid squealing on is father. The youth of Germany were praised for that act not long ago.

Let's have the cops and the reporter follow this case and see how this guy purchased the weapons.

Bubbly you simply don't know, yet are willing to make up a story.

"Now, I'll tell you how (I'm guessing, I don't know the guy) Mr. Woskie"

In terms of making up a story, he could have purchased all these weapons through private parties without undergoing a background check.

The NRA has pressured Mass NOT to turn over Mental Health records. Now that is a double standard. But the NRA gets it support for weapon's manufactures.

You have me confused with a typical gun nut. I'm also asking for everyone to watch how the current system turns 'grafton man arrested with 10 illegal guns' into probation. As I said, it'll be down to 8 'firearms', and it's not even 24 hours! I don't agree with it either! I'm pointing out the fact that we don't enforce the laws we already have, and seemingly the only cure is to add more laws we won't enforce. He abosolutely could have bought them out of the back of a black SUV, but the only one pictured that's worth anything is/are the lever action rifles - and the last time I heard of a heist being pulled off with a Winchester 1873 was right around 1873! I'm standing by my made up story of how he could have gotten them legally, and then turned rogue, ie: not wanting to waste the time or money for something he already owned. I'll keep saying it - I'm not supporting this guy, but I understand how the situation came to be.

Bubbly-Respect everything you said and thanks for the education until "brat kid". How is this a "brat kidd"-we don't know anything but based on the use of a bat and hammer escalating violence seems like a real possibility. I applaud the kid for eliminating the risk and hope the two of them figure out a way to work things out.

Brat son - Yup, I went too far. You are correct - my normal snarkiness was getting the best of me. I also don't know the child - I'm also thinking he's not a child - 52 - 25 or so = 27 year old son?

I've never heard of a bat and hammer attack being 'unprovoked'. Maybe the kid had it coming?
As far as the escalating violence comment, there is absolutely no way to know if any escalation would have happpened beyond the hammer and bat - who knows? Maybe the kid was trying to steal some of the illegal guns, and the father stopped him, becoming a hero? yes, all crazy theories, but that's all we're being told right now.

Maybe--but I don't buy the father becoming a hero by preventing his son from getting his illegal AK-47. The guy is a criminal for having it in the first place. This the exact type of household that exemplifies the need to reduce the number of automatic weapons. I'm thankful we have one more out of circulation!

It doesn't matter what my made up story is, or how much you or I believe it - the only thing that matters now is what the jury believes, if the case even gets to court. Again, the guy is a criminal - yes -but - he very well could have been legal during the purchase process years ago. And just because it's an AK-47 does not mean it's an automatic weapon. Semi automatic is different, and the $100 Marlin model 60 above is a tube fed semi auto with 18 rounds on tap, so there are at least 2 semi autos out of circulation.

As far as the 'this is the exact type of household....' I'm not passing judgement on anyone based on a single news (loosely termed) story- everyone has bad days, and everyone lives in a glass house somewhere.

Oops, John B., I meant for my comments to be a response to your thoughts, but it looks like I posted it in the wrong place.

Gee,, what did dad do to upset his "son",,, Tell him to get a JOB!!!

"Grafton Police received the tip from Woskie's son, Jacob, who, in earlier in the evening, was allegedly the victim of an unprovoked attack from his father when he tried to enter the Follete Street house, Grafton Police Chief Normand Crepeau Jr. said in a news release."