Grafton Man Charged With Forgery Of His Mother's Check

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A Grafton man was arrested and charged with forgery of a banknote and larceny under $250. Photo Credit: Richard Price

GRAFTON, Mass. — A Grafton man was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with forging a stolen check at the Grafton Suburban Credit Union.

Matthew J. Morano, 23, of  234 Magill Drive, appeared in Westborough Superior Court Wednesday along with Timothy M. Sunden, 22, of 201 St. Nicholas Ave., Worcester. Morano was charged with forgery of a banknote and larceny under $250. Sunden, who was with Morano, was charged with uttering a false check and larceny under $250.

Morano allegedly stole the checks from his mother, forged one for $220 with her signature and gave it to Sunden, who took it into the credit union, according to the Grafton police report filed with the court. But  Morano’s mother had already reported the checks stolen to the credit union, and when Sunden attempted to cash one, an employee called the police.

When police arrived, they found Morano outside the building with notes on which he practiced her signature in his pocket.

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Comments (2)


Bad story, but I'm glad it's under $250. I'm not sure that it still can't be classified as a federal crime, because it may involve a bank with F.D.I.C. insurance.
This circumstance can explode beyond family wishes, almost like counterfeiting cash.
Federal prison for this issue could be extreme, but I know first hand, it can happen.
2 years in a Federal prison was not the mothers intent or wishes, but that is what the son served for forging his mothers check.

Dura Mater:

How do you steal from YOUR OWN MOTHER???????

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