Grafton Police Log: Weekend of Sept. 29, 2012

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Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi (file photo)

GRAFTON, Mass. - Here are some highlights from the Grafton Police log for the weekend of Sept. 29-30, 2012:

  • A Barbara Jean Street resident called Grafton Police on Saturday to report being verbally harassed and threatened by an employee of a local business.  When the resident asked to be placed on the business’s “Do Not Call List” the person on the other end of the line “yelled profanities and threatened to come to the house and do harm.”  The police officer who took the report called and left a message with the business as a follow up.
  • A Faulkner Road resident reported that three men were “shooting from a black boat.”  Environmental Police referred the call to Grafton Police  on Sunday morning at 9:31 a.m.  An officer met with the state game warden and the resident who called the police. The men were gone by the time they arrived.
  • A Bruce Street resident called police Saturday morning at 8:49 a.m. about a next door neighbor that was performing target practice in his backyard with a compound bow, which is an archery system that uses cables and pulleys to bend the bow’s limbs.  
  • A Southbridge resident reported his car stolen on Saturday night. On Wednesday, Sept. 26, the car was left on Murray Avenue and was gone when the owner returned at 9:23 p.m., three days later.  
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Comments (2)

Why would someone call the police on a neighbor who is shooting archery practice? I hope the caller got cited for harassment.

M.G.L. c.131 s.58
A person shall not discharge any firearm or release any arrow upon or across any state or hard surfaced highway, or within one hundred and fifty feet, of any such highway, or possess a loaded firearm or hunt by any means on the land of another within five hundred feet of any dwelling in use, except as authorized by the owner or occupant thereof.

So other than it being illegal, maybe the neighbor thought it was dangerous and didn't like the idea of being hit by a stray or deflected arrow.