No Bail For Whitinsville Man Held In Officer's Stabbing

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Adam Tillison appeared Tuesday in Uxbridge District Court for a  hearing.
Adam Tillison appeared Tuesday in Uxbridge District Court for a hearing. Photo Credit: Richard Price

UXBRIDGE, Mass. — A Whitinsville man who was charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of a Northbridge Police officer with a double-bladed spear on Feb. 1 was ordered held without bail after a hearing Tuesday morning in Uxbridge District Court.

Judge Paul A. Losapio ordered Adam Tillison, 27, of 11 High St., Whitinsville, to be held for 90 days and set a pretrial hearing for March 12.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Assistant Worcester County District Attorney Kristia Wallace argued that due to the very serious offenses, including assault to murder, Tillison should be held without bail. Wallace said the suspect is on suicide watch at Worcester County House of Corrections.

Laurel Singer, the court appointed defense attorney from the Committee for Public Counsel Services, argued Tillison has no prior criminal history or convictions and that this may be a case of self-defense since Officer Thomas Dejordy was armed and the alleged incident occurred in Tillison’s home.

She also argued Tillison suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after his 2006 to 2007 tour of duty in the Afghanistan War.  She said he also served in the Rhode Island National Guard.

The incident began when the Northbridge Police Department received a call from the Milford Police Department asking for help in stopping a 2003 blue Jaguar that had led officers in Milford, Mendon and Hopedale on a high-speed chase with speeds of up to 100 mph.

Northbridge Officer Brian Collins saw the vehicle pass him on Linwood Avenue at a high rate of speed and turn onto High Street. He said he saw the operator, known to him as Adam Tillison, get out of the vehicle and run into 11 High St.

Police said Dejordy pursued the suspect into the residence and that the suspect ran up the stairs to the second floor and grabbed a double-bladed spear.
According to the police report, Tillison was accused of stabbing Dejordy as the officer reached the top of the stairs. The spear went through Dejordy's protective vest and punctured his abdomen below his ribs, police said.

Dejordy was still able to get Tillison to the ground and handcuff him, police said. The officer was treated at UMass Memorial Medical Center and released.

Several members of Tillison’s family were in attendance at Tuesday’s hearing, including his father and step mother, but declined to comment on the hearing’s outcome.

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Comments (16)

I feel bad for this man. He's 27 and has no criminal record and served in the war. That says a lot IMO. This whole incident sounds very weird and seems to lack criminal logic, further more making me think Tillison isn't mentally stable. He was getting pulled over for a traffic infraction(maybe he had drugs on him) then turns it into an attempted murder on a cop? Nobody in their right mind would do that. Also was this cop legally correct entering the house without probable cause? Or does the high speed chase and eluding equate PC? Anyway I feel bad because they will most likely sentence this kid to double digits with all the publicity the case has gotten. I just hope the judge takes his clean record, mental health, and tour of duty into consideration when imposing sentencing. Does anyone know when he will be sentenced?

"Treated and released".

Does anyone know how officer Dejordy is doing? Is he back to work?

So why was he speeding in the first place? Was he just speeding or fleeing from from a crime.
What is the policy of pursuit policy after a suspect enters a house or home?
Why did the police feel the need to run into an unknown situation when there was no one in apparent danger.
If the suspect was know to the police why did they peruse him into the domicile, without a warrant? Why not wait it out?
If the suspect was know to the police but without a criminal record what is the nature of that relationship?

This could be just the Tip of the Iceberg with so many Veterans coming back from the two Wars on the Global War on Terror. Think about it some of these Men and Women have slugged through any where's from five to seven horrific Combat tours, because maybe the Political hard decision of reinstitution of the Military draft may have not been Politically fashionable.

The Military and their Families have carried the water for the rest of us American's on these two Wars for many years, while most of Americans went to the Malls and were unaffected by the wars unless they had loved ones in the Theater of these two War Operations.

Recent information released by our Government and the VA reflects 22 Veterans of all our past conflicts commit suicide a day in America. Many of these Veterans are not just coming home with obvious Physical wound's but also hidden wounds of PTSD and TBI. Their is no exact cure all science to the symptoms, of PTSD and TBI, our Nations Veterans have been struggling with these issues going back to since their was Wars. Some may recall Shell Shocked, Battle Fatigue, now PTSD and TBI, the Department Of Veterans Affairs has taking great strides but it is a very complex issue with no easy answers or one treatment size fits all for these troubled Veterans.

This Veteran will have to face the Bar of Justice for his actions, and we also have to give the upmost highest credit for the Officers involved in handling this situation. But does supporting our Troops mean maybe more then putting a Yellow Ribbon on our Vehicle's? Should we also demand that they receive the best Mental Health Screening before their Discharge and proper follow up fully funded Health Care if problems should develop later in life from their service? Plus if we are going to be involved in future long drawn out Wars, should the draft be considered?

Their are many documented case's with our Veterans and their flashbacks which could be very tumultuous,for those not experienced with PTSD. For those that remember Audie L. Murphy one of the most decorated soldiers from WWII he suffered daily from PTSD from reports of friends that knew him. With all these Veterans returning from these two Wars, maybe at local Police Inservice Training seminars they could have some people from the Department Of Veterans Affairs, maybe training, teaching our First Responders in how to understand PTSD and TBI symptoms of our returning Veterans if possible? Plus if it would help?

Based upon this story, policeman Dejordy's actions are highly commendable.

I agree also!


Too many words with too many "maybes".
What is the "problem" in one sentence please!
What is with the constant obfuscation?
A simple clear solution would help us understand.
Those of us who have a limited education but pay taxes.

It's Juggy reincarnated!!!


To overuse an expression, you "maybe" have made a discovery.
Good for you!
Keep reading between the lines. It is where the truth can be found in most diversionary writings.


Could it be 'That Not Is All As It Appears To Be'?

Are thought's always Institutionalized to one being or person, or entity, or one owner, and likewise transported by only one owner?

Are their possible exceptions to many variable thoughts by other people channeled through one person, or reduced to writing by one person for other thought carriers.?

Their are many historians that believe President Wilson's wife scribed, his thoughts, and comments, reply's, penned letters after he survived a stroke while in Office as President.

As Johnny Cash sung one of his favorite song's, 'What Is Truth', some may still seek the answer's. :)


We believe that the original subject was: "No Bail For Whitinsville Man Held In Officer's Stabbing".


As one Northbridge philosopher said: "Maybe!"

union man,

Why didn't he get some "post-traumatic stress disorder" help before this happened. Was he drafted? According to you, (Elementary school attack article) a stint in the military should of helped him. Which way do you want it?

UPSO I guess you never were in a war zone, because if you had been you would have the answers to your silly questions.

Union man,

We would expect that deflective remark from a pseudo-combatant. who can not answer the question directly.

We pray for those who died about you as you survived the ordeal.

We are also disappointed that assume that none of us were in a "war zone". All Americans that do not carry a flag on their shoulder would gladly give their lives for their "Fathers' Country".

Based upon this story, policeman Dejordy's actions are highly commendable.

Well if this man suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder I hope they get him help.

Exactly. Instead of making up BS stories like self-defense, his attorney should be trying to get him some help. Tillison is lucky he didn't get blown away. Dirty Harry would've capped him!