Adams Will Not Seek Re-Election As Grafton Selectman

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Peter Adams will not seek re-election to the Grafton Board of Selectmen. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

GRAFTON, Mass. — Grafton Selectman Peter Adams will not seek re-election in May, ending his political career of nine years, he announced Tuesday night.

"I wanted to give anyone who is inclined to run enough time to conduct a campaign," Adams said at the start of the selectmen meeting.

Adams' announcement was met with praise from his fellow selectmen.

"We've had our differences, but I've grown to like and respect Peter a lot," Selectman Brook Padgett said. "There will be a void on the board."

Selectman John Carlson agreed. "Peter brings a different perspective to the board that will be missed."

Adams' seat is one of two up for grabs in the May 21 town election. Chairman David Ross is still undecided about whether he will seek re-election. Ross is now finishing his first three-year term.

"I'll miss it," Adams said. "I'm a nosy person, I like being in the loop. I just need to take a break. The hard part of this job is all the meetings — not just these meetings but other committee meetings you need to attend."

Adams will continue to serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

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Comments (12)


I think Peter has done a fine job in office and I am sad to see him go. I do hope whoever comes aboard has some backbone and asks questions and not just automatically go with what the TA wants. There is only one other person with a bow tie that asks questions, the other ones especially the Chairman are church mice that rubber stamp anything the boss wants. I respect whoever runs and serves the town, even those who I don't always agree with but all politicians must remember that if you only want to serve the boss and not do what the people ask ,please don't run.

Dura Mater:

i guess we watch different meetings then.....


With all due respect...if you feel this way, put your name on the ballot. I believe Peter has trusted his instincts and represented the town well. Peter, thank you for your service.


With all due respect...if you feel this way, put your name on the ballot. I believe Peter has trusted his instincts and represented the town well. Peter, thank you for your service.

Voice of Reason:

Peter, thank you for all your service to this town. I can imagine at times it was not easy, yet you made the decisions based on the best interest of the entire town and not simply for a select few. Hopefully the person elected into the seat you are vacating will continue leading the town in the manner you so ably did.


The "farmer" as our Moderator calls him, was all a Selectman should be. His tireless representation took him away from his family and his work yet you never once heard him complain. His contributions on this Board and most especially toward the cause of low income housing makes Peter a real HERO in my book. Thank you Peter, thank you very much.


Maybe he's being recruited by the Republicans to run for Senator. I know where he can get the pickup truck and barn coat needed to look like "one of us".

Mr. Ed:

Didn't agree with Peter on everything, but he was the one selectman who didn't rubber stamp everything with a "Yes" vote. Peter will be missed.


Peter is a good selectman because he truly cares about the Town. He is always well prepared and takes the time to look into matters. He has done a good job and will be missed on the Board. Thanks for your years of service Pete!

Dura Mater:

Thank you for your service, Peter.


First and foremost, THANK YOU for a job well done. I always voted for Adams because I liked the perspective and balance he brought to the BOS.
The board needs balance between yahoo's that want everything all the time, and what taxpayers can afford over the long term.
And as they say; the third time is a charm, and the timing is right, so I support Spiney!


Peter thank you to you and your family for your service. Pete has always served with a strong commitment to Grafton that was built on the love of his town. The perspective he provides will be missed.

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