Grafton Selectmen To Vote On New Library Director

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Beth Gallaway is the finalist for director of the Grafton Public Library.
Beth Gallaway is the finalist for director of the Grafton Public Library. Photo Credit: Rich Price

GRAFTON, Mass. - The Grafton Public Library has been without a director for five months now, and the Board of Selectmen will at last vote on appointing a permanent replacement, at its Dec. 11 meeting.

Beth Gallaway, currently a library trainer and consultant, is Town Administrator Timothy McInerney's choice for the position. 

"After reviewing all candidates  I feel she is the right person for the job," McInerney said during Tuesday night's selectmen meeting. 

Gallaway holds a master of science in library and information science from Simmons College. She has also been a trainer and consultant for youth services in the Metro West Regional Library System, and was a young adult librarian in the Haverhill Public Library. 

She was named a 2006 "mover and shaker"  by Library Journal, an industry publication, for her work in advocating for video games in libraries.

In 2009, she published a book, "Game On! Gaming At the Library." 

If her appointment is approved by the selectmen she will replace Hildig Hedberg who retired in July. McInerney said at a November meeting that he hopes the new director will start in January. 

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Comments (6)

When the new library head says gaming, I think she is talking about board games and some card games like Magic the gathering. There has been a resurgence of board and card games in the past few years. What used to be the interest of Sci-Fi geeks has started to hit the mainstream. These games are very popular at the Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions and can be quite challenging and fun.

Peg, the article says video games.

Libraries are a great community asset.
Based upon the $6.7 million "no tax increase" pledge by the Selectmen to improve the municipal center. I believe the town would have been better served by taking the State's $5.3 million matching grant monies to improve the library and then contributing the now obvious available town funds to fixing the library. "Without raising taxes", for the new library project.

Flushing $5.3 million in free State grant money down the drain, for improved H.V.A.C. at the municipal center, now seems like a bad vote for me and I'm sure others in town.
I think the new library director is in for a surprise.

I agree with you. I would have supported the library project if I had none the money was going to be spent on the muni center anyway.

Why are we voting for these things in a vacuum? If the real option is to vote for one project or another, then I think that's how the vote should be set up. To me a yes/no vote on every item like this is over simplified.

Why not put the competing items side by side on a ballot (for instance, choose 1 of 4 projects up for funding). Then, the one that gets the most votes gets funded first. Citizens would be presented with all options, and prioritization would be put in the hands of the voters. True democracy.

Is that too radical or unrealistic? Just a thought...

Gaming in the library? I was trying to get my kids to the library to get away from their video games by taking them to the library.

What kind of gaming? A few slot machines could help pay for a library expansion... or maybe just have a few "bookies" there...;-D