Scott Brown Visits Grafton, Stumps For Women's Issues

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Senator Brown,center, arrives in Grafton with Maine Senator Susan Collins and comedian Lenny Clark, left.
Senator Brown,center, arrives in Grafton with Maine Senator Susan Collins and comedian Lenny Clark, left. Photo Credit: Richard Price
Brown speaks to the crowd with State Rep. George Peterson in the front row.
Brown speaks to the crowd with State Rep. George Peterson in the front row. Photo Credit: Richard Price
Supporters listening to the senator talk.
Supporters listening to the senator talk. Photo Credit: Richard Price
The senator with, from left, former State Rep. Karyn Polito, Senator Susan Collins, his wife Gail Huff, and daughter Arianna.
The senator with, from left, former State Rep. Karyn Polito, Senator Susan Collins, his wife Gail Huff, and daughter Arianna. Photo Credit: Richard Price

GRAFTON, Mass. —U.S. Sen. Scott Brown rolled into Grafton on a bright blue campaign coach bus, stopped at the Post Office Pub, and told a packed room that he is a voice for Massachusetts women and the issues that matter to them.

Standing on stage in front of a “Women for Brown” sign, the senator was flanked by U.S. Senator Susan M. Collins (R-ME), former state Rep. Karyn Polito, his wife Gail Huff, and daughter Arianna.

In the restaurant, Brown hammered home that he will “become the number one bipartisan senator” who will work to bridge the gap between the extreme left and right. 

Collins, who is widely viewed as a moderate Republican, said Brown is a champion for women causes who fought against budget cuts for Planned Parenthood, a position that many of their fellow Republicans would like to see.

Collins then shifted gears. “Every issue is a woman’s issue,” she said. “Jobs, foreign policy, defense.”

Brown then spoke for 10 minutes about jobs and the economy, stressing that he wants to see tax cuts for small business owners and families, rather than “give it to Washington.”

“My opponent wants to raise taxes $3.4 trillion,” he said. “They want to take money from business and increase government programs.”

His opponent, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard University professor and expert on bankrupcy law, denies that her stimulus programs will add to the deficit.  On her website, she said the package, called “Rebuild Now”, is paid for through the existing budget and will reduce the debt by 67 percent more than Brown’s plan.

With only four campaign days left, Brown has spent a lot of time in Central Massachusetts and Metro West. Ten days ago he was in Shrewsbury and after this trip in Grafton, he traveled to Framingham. 

This area is turning into a hot “bring out the vote campaign” for Brown, who saw good support in Grafton two years ago when he won the special election after the death of longtime Democratic SenatorTed Kennedy. 

State Rep. George Peterson, R-Grafton, predicts Brown will win the area and the state.

“He has great support in Central Mass and in the end, people will vote for the incumbent,” he said. 

Nevertheless, he said, it will be a long night before the winner is called.

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Comments (48)

I downloaded Scott Brown's entire voting record and the only time he did not vote with the Republican agenda was when he knew a bill favoring the middle class only had a few votes and therefore, no chance of passing with or without his vote. In other words, it was safe and politically expedient to vote on our side. He could pretend he was for us and not risk offending his party. In all other votes, he consistently voted with his wealthy senators for all bills that would preserve their low tax rate while preventing any tax relief for the middle class. Scott Brown is not for us. He's not bipartisan by any stretch of the imagination. If you want the real facts, go to Vote and type in Scott Brown's name. All key votes he participated in are listed by the date and title of the bills. The final votes for and against each bill are given including how Brown voted and whether or not the bill passed. This is his record, pure and simple. No political agenda is given, just the facts of each bill voted in the Senate while Scott Brown was a member. Those ads that claim they have looked at his record make no sense because what they are saying doesn't match his real record as a Republican Senator. Don't take my word for this, just go to the nonpartisan site, Vote, and discover the truth of what I am saying. Please, vote smart tomorrow.

@the comment there was the Lily Ledbetter law that he supported.

What dishonesty from Senator Brown. He was not a U.S. Senator when Lily Ledbetter was signed early in President Obama's term and became law. And most important, Lily Ledbetter is not about equal pay. It is about the timing of litigation about pay discrimination in the workplace. He voted against the fair pay act and when asked about it on talk radio I was shocked to hear him say that it would become a burden for businesses. He said women discriminated against could go to discrimination agencies and the courts. There was no expression of concern from Senator Brown about the burden that would place on women along with the certainty that they would be out of employment while they fought about being paid unfairly. Senator Brown may live in a house full of women, but he is not fighting for all women. Also, woman are more than half of all working families. The Republican Senator Brown would work for the 1% and be part of the Republican agenda. He is not for all of us. He'll side with corporations every time.

TeaJay, Do you have any other issues with Scott Brown? This law, from what I read, was a political trick to get people on the record as not supporting woman. From what I understand, it was overwhelmingly voted down in a Bipartisan vote because it would have created a Government bureacracy.

Do you not consider that Ms. Warren may have been dishonest with her heritage and her dealings with big business? Are you concerned that she was put in this race by President Obama and she has been funded by people outside of Mass. (DC, NYC, and Hollywood). I contend we will not see her in MA once she goes to Washington because she is beholden to the people who funded her election in other states.

It is looking like she will win. We will see what she does for Mass. Cheers.

Harpoon, what is your picture? It looks familiar but I can't figure it out.

You do not recognize me from town? It is Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein.

Oh because you look like some other famous person from around town.

Calm down, Harpoon. The economy is gradually recovering from the Bush debacle. The stimulus worked but should have been bigger. Jobs bills would have passed without Republican filibusters and obfuscation. More folks are now covered by the ACA. People love the parts of it that have gone into effect, the same parts Republicans have pledged to repeal.

As for seniors and Medicare and Social Security, let's return to the tax rates under Clinton, when we were
prosperous, and cut our bloated Defense Department, especially the stuff the Pentagon doesn't want. We can then shore up Social Security and work on Medicare, which is far more cost-effective than private insurance.

Maybe if Republicans could keep their big government biologically challenged experimentation away from women's bodies and turn their attention to, say, the science of climate change, they might regain enough credibility to once again be trusted with high office.

By the way, Harpoon, the Blunt Amendment was not a matter of religion. It would have allowed a woman's employer to deny her coverage for basic health care provisions -- including contraceptive care and preventive cancer screenings -- for effectively any reason. The religious exemption was already in place. The Blunt Amendment extended to any employer who just didn't like what was covered in his (female) employee's plan.

That's what Scott Brown co-sponsored and voted for.

Thanks for the thoughtful response. I agree with some of your points and disagree with others. My concern basically is that we cannot keep running up the debt. If we keep adding regulation and different bureacracies and not enforcing what we already have on the books, it is not going to help us get us back under control.

People like the health law and the things that they will get like contraception and cancer screenings but they will be surprised at the cost of healthcare in a year or two. My opinion is, if Obama stays in, everyone will be complaining about the costs. We will see what happens.

As far as the stimulus was not big enough. My point is that it was not invested in the right areas. I am sure we would have disagreements on this. The other issue with this is this is being hyped up by the Nobel winning Economics professer Paul Krugman who, in my opinion, who is an overzealous Keynesian who had poliitical help in getting the Nobel prize. He is now the spokesman on what should have been done with the stimulus. He is a stealth partisan toward economics which he has been proven wrong on every opinion he has.

Oh, the climate change issue, there should be an argument allowed for the other side. The professers and scientists who did speak were shunned and their careers were ruined because their science was different. What we have now is there are scientists that keep quiet on this even though they disagree. I am all for conservation but they are using this science to ruin our biggest employers in this country with the prospect of this cap and trade going through.

Thanks again for the discussion.

"Paul Krugram proven wrong on every opinion he has"

That is laughable.

One of your problems is that you believe it to be true.

What can I say John, he is a paid schill for your side. How can anyone just say the Stimulus needed to be bigger without looking at where the money was actually allocated. Instead of 5.1 Trillion added to our debt in 4 years, why not 4 or 5 more trillion. Did you ever hear of a country called Greece and the debt they have? Did you know that all our bank debt is hidden because they changed the FASB laws. You call me laughable, why don't you come up with some intelligent responses with some facts or at least an opinion of what you think.

Chris L.:

" You can't give everyone freebies all the time."

Unless they're corporations, bankers or the military...

Sure spend it on
Pain , suffering and people bad at their jobs.

Stay classy.

I never said give freebies to corporations, bankers, or military.

Although if giving a corporation a break keeps them from shipping jobs oversees, that might be worth considering...

I'm not sure where you thought I was coming from there... I think across the board that our country needs to be realistic about our spending decisions, and ask, "Is this spending good for our country in the long run and future generations?" (that goes for both wars, and social programs)
It all has to balance out eventually... if we go bankrupt as a country, it could lead to national and global instability and much suffering. early, vote often!

In 2011 when Seniors on Social Security received No Cost Of Living Increase, The President proposed giving a $250.00 one time payment to Seniors.

Mister Brown Voted Against It, I called his Office and asked why he voted No, his Office Staff reply was the Country could not afford it!??
I advised the Country did it in 2010 why not 2011, again the answer was the Country cannot afford it?

But we had 16 Trillion Dollars to bail out Wall Street, and Foreign Banks, and take care of Iraq, and Afganistan.

Kiss your Social Security and Medicare as we know it 'Goodbye' if the Republican's control the Senate, House, and the Oval Office!

I'm never going to see any social security by the time I retire... I'll just have to plan for it. It's really too bad, because the system won't be there for the people who really need it... all because people today don't want to be a little more responsible and realistic. You can't give everyone freebies all the time. That is what the Dems are doing, but don't worry, they'll be gone when the $%^& hits the fan in a few decades, or they'll point the finger saying, "If only we'd passed a 3rd, 4th, 5th stimulus...maybe we could have promised and dreamed ourselves out of this crisis."

Chris L;

Its not a Freebie most people pay into it starting at age 16 and do not collect until your 62.

Keep drinking the Republican Kool Aid.

You will make a good hat holder for the Neocons and the White Shoe Boys, do you homework all the Wars after Korea have been for profit. Which I tend to agree both party's have benefited to a point, but the Republicans more.

The reason Colin Powell resigned from the Bush Administration he was the only person with true honor!

Oh I know, I've been paying into it too. The point is my generation will not get back what we're paying into it if the system is unsustainable. Thanks to the baby boom, there's a generational imbalance that's not being adequately addressed. How can government programs stay afloat for generations if legislators are constantly adding on more and more entitlements that drain the system of funds? At some point, government can't promise everybody everything.

I don't agree with waging war for profit, and Bush was definitely not fiscally conservative. Also, Colin Powell is a decent man. So, I think we can agree on those things.

I just think we need to be more sustainable in our government, so that it's still there in future decades to provide services to those who really need them. Sometimes we have to say no... and that includes wars that are not absolutely necessary as well as cutting certain entitlements.

Mr. Huckleberry,

Do you not realize how destructive the policies of this and previous administrations have been on our seniors? They have lowered interest rates where our greatest generation gets so little for their savings. The 16 Trillion dollars is a result of our money printing policies which is now quietly raising inflation on our goods and your dollars are being devalued. At least Scott Brown is trying to stop the chaos and get our fiscal house in order. You are having your value of your money being stolen right under your nose and you will not know the consequences until it is too late.


To bad Republican President George Bush put us into this mess, two Wars, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan on the American Charge Card, correct?

President Clinton handed Mr. Bush a budget in the Black, he destroyed the Nation's Economy now we Seniors are paying for Mr. Bush's failed policies as you mention.


You are correct but you are forgetting the whole Obama era and the expansion of our debt. 5.1 Trillion is more than Bush did in 4 years. Do you feel Obama has been given enough chance to right the ship? I feel that if you set the bar for yourself, as Obama did, and you fail miserably, than I would take him at his word that this is going to be a one term affair.

I feel for the Seniors that are forced right now to put their money in stocks that pay dividends because you get less than 1 percent on their CDs. I have protected my parents with gold to preserve the value of their retirement. They do not like Bush as well but they are learning that the current direction is not the way to go. How can a President operate with out a budget for 4 years. The one time he takes one for a vote, it gets rejected 494 -0 and 98 - 0 in the Senate. All his financial cabinet guys have left. Summers and Goolsby. No one wants the responsibility about what is coming down the road. Good luck.

The stock market is up 20% under the current president. Too bad you and your parents did not not invest correctly and build up a fund.
My parents bought Apple 3 years ago. No one forced them to buy stocks that pay dividends. Your parents made that choice.
Too bad who don't step up to the plate and "own that bad decisions."

John, My parents are fine and they are up 3 times your 20% and they have been in gold the last 10 yrs. to help protect them for the ruinous government policies of all the administrations. I was talking about the seniors that are on Social Security and living off their nest eggs where they are getting less than 1% return on their CDs.

You are a really caring guy toward the people who served in the major Wars who are getting crushed. I could less about my success or failures around the stock market, I was actually thinking about the older generation that will be screwed in taxes and will now have to endure hyperinflation with the policies you think are so great.

He was right. Cost of living went down that year, not up. I don't think you can justify it by saying we waste money in many other places (and I agree those other places are a waste). Sorry but we need to start somewhere, and soon.

Wrong, the fake way the Government measures COLA, CPI-. lol. For Social Security does not take into consideration, Food, Fuel, and Healthcare Costs.

Lets cut the Defense Budget that is large enough to defend the World with the American Tax Payer paying the freight. Or how about if we are going to be the World Policeman at least we should get paid for it?

Plus remember we have to take care of the White Shoe Boys, Wall Street and the Foreign Banks!

You Seniors! Their selling a discount sale on Cat Food and Dog Food this week at the Big Lot!

I'd be all for lifting the limit of wages taxed for social security. It's nothing more than a tax, so why cap it? I'd also advocate for eliminating social security benefits for someone making over say $250,000.

Agree completely on the defense budget, bank bailouts, and everything else. Time to shrink the government. It's sucking the life blood out of this country.

I guess you can fool some of the people all of the time. He's an out and out liar. He should be under the bus, not on it. Debate dodging chicken, barncoat wearing, pickup driving phony. Just look at his voting record. Liz Warren will actually support women and then VOTE that way. Scott Brown secretly resents women, you can tell by the way he interacts with Warren.

Libby, You are saying that Brown is a liar compared to all the lies that Warren has spouted? Here is a situation where President Obama called Governor Patrick and said I have a senate candidate for you. We will finance her campaign through Washington, NYC, and Hollywood. She is beholden to her backers which are all outside MA. At least Scott Brown is from here and will at least show his face. We will never see Elizabeth Warren again in this state until her term is up. Oh yeah, she is really going to fight to balance that budget and bring down the debt. Higher taxes, higher debt, higher unemployment, and the value of our dollar destroyed. That is what we will get with her.


Scott voted against auditing the fed and FOR the NDAA (arguably the most unconstitutional bill in US history). Case closed.

I'm glad to read some of these comments. Seeing all the Scott Brown signs in town, I was beginning to think women in Grafton didn't care about their rights or worse just vote the way their SO votes. My spirits are up slightly, thank you.

Women care about their rights and they are intelligent enough to understand what this fraudualent war on women is. It is bunk. They care about the country not going bankrupt and to be able to get a job.

As for the NDAA, a Democrat sponsored bill, it was a way to avoid the circus that came when our Justice Dept. wanted to put the terrorists on trial in a big city. No one wanted to hold this trial or spend the money on security. This is what they were left with.

My spirits are up too!! And to be clear, I am not voting solely on women's issues.

32 months of Private Sector job growth with zero Republican help...the country runs without them, so why vote for them ..

Huckleberry, would you consider 1 job added per month growth? My point is that just because we add jobs every month does not mean we add enough. Just ask the over 12 million people still looking for work, not to mention the countless millions who've quit looking and now are on SSDI.

Obviously you live under a rock. I have come from a long line of Democrats and they would be turning in their graves with this new party that uses the Democrat name. Both parties are terrible. We need some responsibility in DC.

I cannot understand the appeal of Scott Brown. He is shallow. He makes claims about himself that are completely false once you scratch the surface. He is negative about his opponent to the point of distraction. Wait, maybe that's the point. He is most definitely not on the side of women. Just because he has a wife and two daughters does not make him speak for and represent women well. He is not blue collar. He is not what he claims to be AT ALL. I look no further than seeing the type of people who vocally support him. It is very disturbing. (Patriarca) Brown did not do enough to distance himself and denounce such negativity and divisiveness, bigotry, racism,

NSWE, with all due respect, are you serious in this response. Brown has the same positions as Warren. Do you think that there are any other important issues? I certainly hope so.

Sorry, but when did we become a gender-oriented only voting group? I don't vote entirely for who votes for women's issues, which is what this entire Senate race has boiled down to. I check to see if they voted for the good of the entire State.

Scott Brown held a "Women For Brown" event in order to highlight women's issues. He's the one who made it gender specific.

In reponse, there's his voting record. The rhetoric and the record don't match.

Vote for the candidate of your choice for whatever reasons. This story is about women's issues because, you know, that was the theme of the rally.

At least Scott sits down and reads the bills before voting. If he sees a bill like the equal pay bill, where it wants to create yet another bureaucracy when we already have a bill in place. It is just wrong. I think women are more intelligent and focused on the important things rather than being swayed by the scare tactics of Democratic party.

Since there are issues that affect women. Women ARE a big part of this state. Women have different issues that certain politicians feel they need to control. So, no, he has not voted for the good of the ENTIRE state and I will not vote for him.

People keep saying why is this gender oriented. Well, why is there any issue. Gender issues are as important as any other issue. Right? Economics, foreign policy, education etc. All issues. Why are we a abortion rights only voting group? A economy only voting group? Etc See? Gender issues are another issue that affects a lot of people, not just women.

Go Elizabeth!

Maximus-YOU ROCK!!!! So true! How can you vote for Brown or Romney if you have a mother, wife, daughter, sister...

Was Scalia driving shot gun in Brown's truck?

He co-sponsored the Blunt Amendment, and voted against against Paycheck Fairness twice. He claims to be pro-choice but has received an 80% approval rating from the National Right to Life Committee plus their endorsement.

He's not bipartisan when it counts. He may be super swell to the women in his family but he would trample over the rights of the women in yours. That's how he votes. That is his record.

Maximus, you have your talking points down but when you peel back the onion, he sponsored the provision that would allow religeous institutions or companies with moral objections to opt out due to their religeous beliefs. Religeous beliefs are shared by men and women. There was the Lily Ledbetter law that he supported. He did not want to support the Bureacracy creating equal pay act that was needlessly submitted in order to get their party rivals to get on the record of being against fair pay. What about fair play? I think not. I hope the women that have not looked into this read up on the games that were played in congress. They are being used and they do not even know it.

You are exceedingly uninformed. Do you want to be educated or should I let you research the Blund amendment yourself? You currently look like an idiot.

He's not for me. He doesn't speak for me or stand up for me. His votes are bipartisan only when it doesn't matter

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