Sen. Moore To Be Broadcast On Grafton Cable TV

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Grafton Community Television will broadcast an interview with State Sen. Michael Moore on Friday at 8:30 p.m. Photo Credit: Grafton Community TV

GRAFTON, Mass. — An interview with State Sen. Michael Moore (D- Millbury) will be broadcast on Grafton Community Television Public Access on Friday, Feb. 22, at 8:30 p.m.

“A Conversation with State Senator Mike Moore,” hosted by former Grafton Selectman Ken Grew, will focus on the new legislative session in Boston as well as the senator's views on issues affecting the community.

“We hope to showcase more interviews with the senator as the months go on,” said GCTV coordinator Kris McMullin. “It is a great way for the community to get insight into the current state of the Massachusetts Legislative process." 

Moore represents the Second Worcester District, which includes Grafton. 

The show will be on Charter Cable station Channel 11 and Verizon station Channel 34, with repeat airings until March 17.  For a full schedule, visit the GCTV Facebook page or the GCTV website, under the program schedule link.

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Comments (2)


He's a democrat and like most democrats; like Obama they love to spend my money in their name. Obama got a huge tax increase just 7 weeks ago and now he wants to raise taxes again. That's silly stuff. I just want them to earn their votes, instead of buying their votes with my money.

Bernard Shakey:

It's not even your town anymore. So it's not your money, is it? Go annoy your new neighbors.

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