Spinney Takes 3rd Shot At Grafton Selectmen; Nault In Race

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Bruce Spinney has decided to run for a third time in the selectman race.
Bruce Spinney has decided to run for a third time in the selectman race. Photo Credit: Jennifer Paluzzi (file photo)

GRAFTON, Mass. — Will third time be the charm for Bruce Spinney?

Spinney, a former Planning Board chairman who ran for the Grafton Board of Selectmen in 2012 and 2011, has taken out papers with the clerk’s office to run for one of two open selectmen seats.  Zoning Board of Appeals member Robert Nault has also filed his intent.

Long time selectman Peter Adams decided last week not to run for re-election and Chairman David Ross is still mulling over his decision.

Spinney has served as chairman of the Grafton Planning Board, a member of the Fisherville & Farnumsville Streetscape Committee, and on the Community Preservation Committee, among other appointments.

A Grafton resident for 11 years, Spinney grew up in Sutton and lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and three children on Brielle Road. He is a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland while serving in Japan.

Although this will be Nault’s first run for selectman, he is no stranger to the municipal center. He is currently clerk of the Zoning Board of Appeals, a member of the Fisherville & Farnumsville Streetscape Committee and the Capital Improvement Planning Committee. He has lived in Grafton for almost his entire life. He is married with children and has coached little league and was a cub master.

To round out the election season to date, Henry Poler and Dana Wilson have filed to run for re-election on the Board of Library Trustees, and Sargon Hanna has filed to run for re-election for a one year term on the planning board.

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Comments (16)

I'm surprised it's not mentioned in your article, but Bruce was also recently appointed to and accepted a three year term on the finance committee. I guess he never intended on fulfilling that commitment! The finance committee has enough turn over without people sigining up that don't plan on completing even one year of their term. Pretty disappointing!

Where does it say he isn't fulfilling his obligation. He is just running for selectman.

Slow down Bob

He can't be on both, so if he wins he will have to quit the finance committee before completing one year of a three year term.

Ill be honest with you I really dont know the rules on various positions, but I thought many people serve on multiple boards or commitees.

Okay fans...lets make sure we vote early and often!
I look forward to the Grafton TV interviews, and to the LWV debate. Lets hope the moderators read ALL the questions, as written, and not modify them.

I know Bruce personally and he will do an outstanding job serving the needs of our town. And while I don't know Robert Nault, I suspect this year's BoS race for the open seat(s) will be fair, honest, and enable both candidates to speak on their merits versus the dirty contest last year's race turned into.

I would also like to know about the 'dirty' contest? If your going to put it out there then back it up.

I'll tell you one thing I didn't like about the last election. Certain people tried to into a partisan election. Really? Why, because it's served us so well on the state and national level? Thankfully it didn't work. Let's not let that happen ever again!

What the heck are you talking about, your making no sense.

Next we are still waiting on what was so dirty about last election.

jojo This may shock you but I totally agree. If your gonna say it, back it up!

dirty?? how so?

Bob Nault is long time resident with great knowledge and dedication to this town...lets vote Bob Nault

I like Spinney. He's intelligent, dedicated and thoughtful. He did a fabulous job when serving as chairman of the planning board. The town is lucky to have a person of his caliber wanting to serve on the B.O.S.!
He can put a sign up in my yard, anytime he wants.

We would have been wise to elect him (Bruce) before. Hopefully this time!

I don't know who Robert Nault is but I know Bruce Spinney is intelligent, level headed, and very involved in the town of Grafton. I think we would be wise to elect him.