North Grafton Students Get An Electrifying Lesson

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Tom Wahle of Techsploration put on a show for North Street Elementary School students. Photo Credit: North Grafton Parent Teacher Group

GRAFTON, Mass. -- Tom Wahle of Techsploration appeared at North Street Elementary School on Feb. 14 and showed to fourth- and fifth-graders how simple machines can be fun.

Sponsored by the North Grafton Parent Teacher Group, they learned about inclined planes, levers, belts, pulleys, and that all complex machines are made up of simple machines. 

Wahle also electrified his audience with his presentation, “Shocking Facts About Electricity,” which explained static electricity, showed how electricity is the movement of electrons, and taught the children ways to make electricity.  The most exciting part of the show was the Van de Graaff generator.  It actually turned on the scoreboard in the gymnasium. 

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